Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Childare Update

When last we left our heroes their childcare was vanishing after just a few weeks on the job.

Let me explain. No, there is to much, let me sum up...

We survived.

OK, maybe a bit more explaining.

After our old au pair bailed at the first sign of actual work we got a new au pair, but she needed to go through the full visa process, which meant she didn't arrive until the June 20th. The previous au pair left the morning of May 1st. That left us with seven and a half weeks worth of childcare gap to fill.

There was shenanigans and betrayal, but I managed to hire a fabulous fill-in nanny about 21 hours before I needed her to start work. Not kidding on that, not even a little.

Casey, our temporary nanny was fabulous. She drove Duncan to preschool two days a week, kept the kids entertained and happy. I would have loved to have kept her forever, but the going rate for a nanny for three kids is $20/hour. Casey was well worth it but after taxes it left my net earnings per hour in the single digits at best. (This is where I would rant about our insane tax system and the marriage penalty if I had the time.) So, we were happy with Casey, but also happy to get our much more affordable au pair.

Our new au pair arrived June 20th and we've been pretty happy with her. She has skill in redirecting kids and heading off those more troublesome moments. She is also flexible and has a good sense of humor, both key survival traits in our household. She's been going by her English name (Shara) no doubt because she is used to clueless English speakers doing terrible things to Yuan when they try pronounce it. She's been good about getting the kids to practice their Chinese.

So far so good.

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