Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

"Mr Fuzzy Head" gets a haircut

I was dragging my feet on Martin's first haircut for ages. When we cut off Duncan's golden curls at 16 months he transformed from a baby into a boy. Martin is the youngest, and I've been wanting to prolong the baby look. Also, he has the straightest, finest hair of all the kids, leading to some really great baby fuzz for me to enjoy. Even Margaret's classmates have noticed, her friend Nora has dubbed Martin "Mr. Fuzzy Head". Alas, the time finally came for a trim. Martin has the toddler boy habit of using his hair as a napkin, and strangers were using the female pronoun to refer to him far to often in spite of the blue stripes and green and orange dinosaur theme of his clothing.

Martin was spectacularly squirmy during the hair cut.

Why is Margaret taking pictures?

Not liking this


Not OK!


Duncan does stunts while Martin recovers from the trauma

Not a bad cut considering his resistance

(All photos except the last one taken by Margaret.)

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