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Margaret Update - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
Margaret Update
School is the big news with Margaret. The big K is upon us. I've done far to0 little blogging, so there is a lot of catch-up to do.

The whole saga of which school she is attending is enough for a post of it's own, so I will sum up and say that she was originally assigned to West Somerville, our proximity school, but in mid-August got a place out our first choice school, which is Brown.

Margaret is making progress at school. Her teacher currently is a long-term sub since the regular teacher is out on maternity leave. There have been a few minor issues that I am hoping are as much to do with the current teacher being new and less familiar with the school.

Margaret is taking ballroom classes again at the Dance Fever studio in Newton. I decided not to sign Margaret up for ballet this year. I was really, really unhappy with the quality of instruction at the ballet school last year, and frankly it was just too much for all of us to rush out early in the morning to ballet and then rush over to ballroom. Heading out mid-morning to ballroom and not having to meet any time deadlines after that is much more civilized, even if we often aren't back home before late afternoon. Margaret has been doing well, and they even have enough boys in the class that she often dances with a partner. She's also had her first group class with a visiting coach when Rustem Karabey was teaching up in New Hampshire, though she was the only non-adult in the class. Mr. Karabey seemed very pleased to have her even if the other people taking the class seemed a trifle nonplussed.

Warren's mother has offered to pay for piano lessons for Margaret. This makes perfect sense because Warren's mother is the sort of Chinese mother who believes that everyone should learn to play the piano. When we asked Margaret if she wanted to learn to play the piano she said she wanted to learn to play the one with the strings. "The violin," I asked. She wasn't sure, but she then mimed something that looked like it was the harp. We checked this by watching the orchestra parts of Fantasia with her, and yes, she means the harp. This is slightly bad news because harps seem to be expensive to even rent, but Warren is dutifully researching harp instructors in the area, so we may start harp lessons soonish.
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arcanology From: arcanology Date: November 4th, 2013 03:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
The extra money could be well worth it since beginning harp has got to be about a million times less grating than beginning violin.
enugent From: enugent Date: November 5th, 2013 09:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
My niece Emma plays the harp. (The commute is a bit too long for me to ask her to recommend an instructor, though.) I think it can be very useful to play an unusual instrument - it's easy to find piano players, but harpists are much more sought after.
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