Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Best Friends

Margaret acquired a best friend in preschool this past year. Her name is Laura, and she is nine months younger than Margaret. We had our first post-preschool play date on Friday at the Zoo. (I'm really glad I went for the family +2 membership so I could treat.)


The girls have been close since the beginning of the school year, so it was a little traumatic for Margaret when Laura left of Taiwan after Christmas and didn't return to school until the end of April. The trip hadn't originally been planned to be that long, so I hadn't been able to prepare Margaret. Margaret knows that Taiwan is near China and sort-of part of China. Also Margaret knows that Hongmei went home to China and isn't coming back, so one can imagine what she may have been thinking with Laura's extended stay. Happily they are back now, though Margaret has made it clear that she's prefer to see Laura every day, not just once a week or so.


Margaret understands that Laura is not going to be with her at her new school in the fall. Laura will continue to go to the preschool, which Duncan will (most likely) attend next year. Duncan is a big hit with Laura's mom, but I expect that Duncan will make his own friends at school.


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