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Update on the Small Ones

Margaret had turned 5 on Tuesday. I cancelled my gaming run in honor of the occasion (though also so my gamers would have extra time to pack for Italy), and my parents were in town. I remember so clearly that it was just as my gaming session started for the night five years ago that I felt those first mild cramps that turned out to be contractions. She's gotten a lot bigger since.

The main event was a trip to the beach. Margaret loves the beach. Sadly it was not beach weather. We had a picnic lunch at some sheltered picnic tables, and spent some time at a really cool playground, but then the skies opened before we actually got to the ocean. Still, the birthday girl had fun.



That evening we went out for dinner at the 'feed the ducks' restaurant (more commonly known as the 1776 Old Mill in Westminster). Due to the buckets of rain that drove us from the beach earlier the waterfall at the duck pond was really impressive, but that didn't stop the main attraction for coming for some stale rolls.


Five years ago she was a tiny thing dwarfed by her car seat, now she's a big girl who is going to be going to elementary school in the fall. She dresses herself suddenly, often without me having to ask, and she's becoming quite self-sufficient.


Duncan is also growing up, though we continue to be concerned about his eating habits. Sometimes he can do a pretty good job, and other times he makes me consider whether it's possible to diagnose male toddlers with anorexia. Breast milk continues to be the only thing he will take consistently.


In addition to climbing everything that sits still long enough, Duncan's hobbies continue to include dragon slaying, fighting bad guys, being a knight in shining armor, (pretend) horseback riding and stick collecting. He also remains very into animals, especially large cats and dinosaurs.


I'm really looking forward to Duncan starting preschool in the fall. It feels like we've been carting him around to his sister's activities for so long, he really needs a space where he can be Duncan, and not just Margaret's little brother. I just hope he isn't influenced in the wrong way by peer pressure. He's such a sweet, affectionate boy. I know it can't last forever, but I am really going to miss it when he stops throwing his little arms around my neck and giving me a big kiss. He's a very good kisser.


Martin is aquiring gross motor skills at an alarming rate. He's been pulling up and cruising for weeks now. Margaret is less than pleased with this development since it transforms him from the best doll ever into an annoying drooling pet. Duncan doesn't much care.


Martin has more than once used his new skills to introduce himself to a new food... by stealing it off of a sibling's plate. Martin is way more interested in eating than Duncan ever was, which is a relief because I don't think I could cope with coaxing two boys into eating. He even eats octopus!


Martin continues to be a really easy and mellow baby. He seems to understand that he is number three. His strategy to avoid being forgotten is to do things the other two kids never did. Also, his strategy involves being cute and very fuzzy. He also really enjoys grandparents.


I will try to post more often, but no promises.

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