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Don't break the kids - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
Don't break the kids
I've been feeling that the kids were not getting enough outdoor time lately. Yesterday I took them to Great Brook Farm State Park for a little outdoor time. Then there was a Mommy miscalculation. I forgot just how quickly the kids can go from 'running through the woods is great!' to 'pick me up now I want to go home'. Alas, it was a long walk back to the car at that point, and I only had the umbrella stroller. I am proud of them that they actually made it without any of us (including me) having a meltdown, but Duncan fell asleep the moment he was in his car seat (and slept for 13 hours), and Margaret also fell asleep on the way home, waking up for dinner and then staying up way past her bed time, but was happy to watch a movie while I slept. I couldn't nap during the unscheduled older kid nap because Martin woke the moment we got home; his sleep schedule wasn't messed up because he was the one with a stroller seat. Actually, given the amount of doom I invited on myself it turned out reasonably well, plus Duncan got to see a real horse at close range.

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