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Fashion Disjoint

This is sort of a follow up to yesterday's post, kind of.

What is up with people who design clothes? I always used to think I was some sort of oddball because I usually hated stuff that was in style. Now I'm not so sure. I'm beginning to suspect that I'm just less easily badgered into buying stuff that the fashion industry is trying to pawn off on us than the average woman.

Exhibit A: I like dressing nicely. I love dressing up. Supposedly, dressing formally is considered to be a burden these days, and yet I know plenty of people, both from dancing and from work who welcome the chance to go to parties where they can dress up. This includes a fair number of guys. And yet, I get the feeling from media articles that asking people to wear anything more than "business casual" to anything is a burden.

Exhibit B: I love wearing skirts. I love my skirts to be full. Short skirts are fun if I'm in the mood, but I love long skirts dearly. I own several ankle-length skirts. Of course skirts that are full enough to dance in are nigh impossible to find outside of specialty dance stores. This would lead you to think that this style must not be very popular. I mean, if people like skirts like that, wouldn't they be more readily available? Well, I've had tons of people compliment me on my skirts, and even ask me where I got them. They seem pretty disappointed when they discover that the source of my skirts is 3k miles away in a foreign country. I suspect that more people would buy skirts like mine if they were more readily available.

Exhibit C: I wear hats. I don't know what people supposedly have against hats. They keep the sun off my face, which given my complextion and extra-sensitive eyes is a year-round consideration. They're very practical as far as I'm concerned, and I like the way they look too. I've had random people walk up to me and compliment me on my hats, so I don't think its just me. And yet, I almost never see other people wearing proper hats. I don't know, maybe the knit stocking caps that people's mothers made them wear in the winter gave hats a bad name with most people. I know I hated them because my hair would look horrible all day after wearing one. The thing is, proper hats have never given me hat hair. That's the only reason I can think of why people wouldn't wear hats more, other than a lack of availability.

I wonder if people who design and market clothes need a clue handed to them, or if they're just marketing random stuff that will quickly become dated so that they can sell the same people new clothes next year. Sometimes I wonder if they market stuff like low rise jeans (which, IMO look bad on any woman with more than an ounce of body fat) so that people will realize how bad they look and come back sooner for more clothes.

Perhaps I should start my own fashion design house... right after I take over the world.
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