Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Let me sum up

I have loads and loads of things to say, but no time to type it in.

Margaret is in preschool, ballet as she was last year and is now also taking ballroom class at Dance Fever. I already feel like I spend most of my timing driving her around, and I know that will only become more so. She loves math, and we are starting to overcome her disinterest in letters.

Duncan was taking ballet for about two months, but is clearly not interested in being is class with a parent. This is disappointing since he was so keen last year to join Margaret in class, but we can try again next year or not as seems appropriate. Duncan loves knights in shining armor, horses, being a prince and slaying dragons. He is still nursing, and shows absolutely no interest in stopping even as he is on a big 'do it myself' kick.

Martin rolls over, reaches for toys, grabs toys, and stuffs them in his mouth. When Margaret was his age I knew where these developmental milestones were supposed to come and was keenly aware of how far ahead my super genius baby was. Now I just see the developments and wonder how I'm going to keep a mobile, mouthing baby alive with two older siblings leaving a trail of choking hazards in their wake.

We have a new au pair arriving at the end of January. Now that Martin is old enough that returning to work is possible I really want to find a new job. I've started looking, but it is really hard to conduct an effective job search while taking care of three kids under five. Our local Au Pair in America counselor, Bettina, saw a Chinese au pair in rematch (she's already here but things weren't working out with her original host family), and immediately thought of us. Chinese speaking au pairs who are infant qualified are even scarcer now than they were two and a half years ago when we got Hongmei, so I was grateful for the find. She seems like a nice girl, and I think with careful management in the first few weeks she should be fine. That should free me up to really do a proper job search. I've already started doing the LinkedIn thing; hopefully there will be a new dream job soon.

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