Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The short version

And now for various updates that would each have a post of their own if I had the time...

Warren's mother bought me a new stroller!


Note that with the glider board on the back it holds all three kids. There had been a period of making the big kids take turns on the Phil & Ted's, but that was pretty irritating for me. Margaret doesn't like to walk and so agitated for really short turns (we're working on her walking more). Duncan is happy to walk but has short legs and a shorter attention span. Given that I tend to want to get places swiftly when out and about this is a real sanity saver. Margaret prefers to sit on the glider board rather than stand, but that is cool by me.

Duncan had another appointment with the endocrinologist. It turns out he's only 34 inches tall, not the 35 inches the nurses at his pediatrician's office measured him at in June. He's down to the 6th percentile in height. It's still not time for hormones, so more trying and trying and trying to get food into him, and another appointment in 6 months.

Martin is one month old now, and sleeping reasonably well at night. He usually has one stretch of 5 or 6 hours, but I am not always in a position to take full advantage of it due to the other siblings. He's also had a bad case of baby acne for the past two weeks which is why I am not drowning the internet in baby pictures. I haven't been taking very many since he is less than photogenic at the moment. Otherwise he's pretty healthy.

Margaret started swimming lessons on Monday. She did really well, especially when you factor in the fact that she's never been in a pool before. I'm pleased with the quality of the instruction and Margaret is clearly having a great time in the water, so the swimming lessons are a clear win. The only downside is that they are at 5:15 twice a week and once I get a new job that might be hard to manage, but I will certainly try.

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