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Warren has finished the taxes and setting up his new G5, all in one week. This means that I now have his old quicksilver.

The Quicksilver still has all his stuff on it too, but I have my own account on the machine and don't need a lot of space, so I don't notice. Part of the deal was that powderhousesoftware.com and ballroomvideonews.com would still run on this maching until he had time to deal. Of course I accidentally broke apache when I installed 10.3. Oops. I did ask him if it was OK first and he said yes, so he can't blame me.

Of course the reason for installing 10.3 was so that I could play Warcrack. The quicksilver is still under the hardware requirements for Warcrack. On the other hand, I'm less than 100mhz short on clockspeed rather than 500mhz short, so its a vast improvement as far as I'm concerned. Goldshire no longer has too many people in it, and I can actually move in Ironforge. I can also now see the animation when flying rather than these nice still shots every 10 seconds. I may go completely crazy and start visiting the Auction House.
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