Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Weighty Issues

So I've pretty much abandoned the other blog I was keeping, since it was mostly for moaning about one issue after I joined livejournal. Perhaps at some point I'll transfer some of the less whiney posts here. Of course that means that I should post the stuff on that issue here, since I do want to keep track of if, and I don't mind if you guys are bored enough to read it.

As about half of you already know, I'm trying to get pregnant. I've been trying for a while. I started trying after Blackpool last year (end of May).

Since I've been pretty unsuccessful in this venture so far we're going to compete at Blackpool again this year. This means I need to look good in my ballgown.

When I went for my preconception visit, my doctor told me "Don't lose wieght." I thought she was a nut, since in my own eyes I was about 10 pounds heavier that I wanted to be. After a brief discussion I decided that I would quit trying to lose weight very hard, and just keep up my new excercise regime, which I'd started in April last year.

I went back in December, because she'd said to come back in six months if I wasn't pregnant. At the time I was two pounds lighter than on my first visit. She immediately told me to gain five pounds, and gave me a some reasons why that would help, like the fact that estrogen is produced in fatty tissue.

At that point I was getting pretty desperate, and it was right before Christmas, the perfect time to pig-out without guilt. So I went and gained five pounds, accidentally lost some, and then worked to put it back on. Of course I was also getting tests done when I started this. It turns out that my estrogen (and a bunch of other stuff) is fine.

Recently I talked to Didi. She's another dancer. She's also a doctor. She also has three little girls. She conceived the first at age 37 and the last one at age 42, and has never had problems getting pregnant. So I asked her about it, and basically she got pregnant with all three of hers when she was at her lightest and most active, and thinks the extra wieght ptobably won't help me.

So, the extra weight has got to go, and go fast. I figure if I can lose a pound of weight a week between now and Blackpool I'll be in decent shape. Once the competition is over I can go back in for more tests and if anyone else suggests that being a fat tub of lard would help, I fully intend to ignore them.
Tags: ballroom, the gym, ttc

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