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Gardening Season

I did my first actual gardening of the year yesterday. I pruned the bushes out from. I did a fairly poor job, in part because they got fairly damaged by the roofers and it was hard to do a good job. Luckily those bushes are really forgiving.

I also pruned the roses a little bit. Not much because I forgot to restock on yard waste bags after fall leaf raking. I hate roses, or at least the ones that came with the house. Sure, they look pretty for the two weeks they are actually in bloom (though fuscia is not my favorite color for roses), but the rest of the time they're a thorny mess. Perhaps they will just die one year and I can plant something with a higher coolness to work ratio.

Aside from the roses, I did another task that I'm not so fond of: going around with a garbage bag and collecting all the trash that has ended up in the yard. Actually, I'm pretty sure I missed some. One of the joys of having an urban yard is that is seems to accumulate random trash. Also, the Tufts house next door doesn't help, we often find plasic cups in our yard after they've had a party there.

On the good news front, lots of stuff is coming up. I'm seeing most of the columbine and bleeding hearts showing themselves. More than half the daylilies are also coming showing some foliage. The daffodils are blooming, as noted in a previous post, and the tulips look like they're seriously thinking about putting out buds. Better yet, there are leaves on my lilac bush, and it looks like its going to bloom again this year. It took the bush a few years before it finally bloomed last year, so this is a big deal for me. No sign of the hostas yet, but that's expected.
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