Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Not a Lump of Coal

My period was due on December 25th, and I was expecting it to show up on schedule very much like a big lump of coal in my stocking. We’d been trying “the old-fashioned way” ever since a month after the miscarriage, but given my history I had my misgivings about that method.

Christmas was pleasant and blood-free. Three days later, exactly five weeks from the start of my previous period I finally peed on a home pregnancy test and saw the second ever positive I’ve ever seen on one of those.

The call to the clinic and the blood test waited until the Friday after Christmas because we got back to town from Salt Lake City very late on Thursday. (We spent Christmas with George, Warren’s brother, who is sadly stranded in Utah given that he wants to continue to see his kids.) There was a bout of what was likely noro virus in there, so it took me until late in the long weekend to look up the beta number. What I saw was not encouraging because the number (~11,500) was very high for what I thought the test date was (19 DPO). A quick Google search told me that two primary causes of abnormally high hCG levels were molar pregnancy and Downs Syndrome.

We had our first ultrasound on the 4th. It’s not a molar pregnancy. There was a fetal pole in there with a visible heartbeat that clocked in at 110 bpm. The pregnancy was measuring 6 weeks 1 day, which was further along that I was expecting. If my dates are such that the blood test was at 23 DPO rather than 19 then the number is still high, but not quite so crazy high. Downs certainly is still a possibility especially given my age. I won’t have any more information about that for at least 5 weeks which is the earliest they can do the early risk assessment, and that’s assuming we even make it that far. My next ultrasound is on the 18th, and that will correspond to the ultrasound where we found out there was a problem last time.

So far I’ve avoided getting excited about this one. I sure hope it turns into a take home baby, but I’m also not planning on starting any new baby projects until we get the results of the amnio I intend to persuade my OB to order, assuming the pregnancy lasts long enough for me to bother talking to my OB. Also, it has been easier not to get excited because I feel like crap. I was dry heaving over the kitchen sink this morning, and for the past couple of weeks I’ve really wanted to nap from 2pm to 6pm every day (sadly not an option). Older and wiser, I now know that classic first trimester symptoms simply imply the presence of hCG in my system; last time around I had my worst case of morning sickness after the point at which the fetus must have died. Next Wednesday I could easily throw up in the car on the way to the ultrasound only to find the fetus was already dead. I sure hope not, though. I did get very attached to the idea of a dragon baby.

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