November 6th, 2013


Martin Update

Martin is walking now. He just started independent walking about a week before turning 14 months old, which is later than Margaret, but he's larger than she was at the same age. I'm pretty content with him learning now as his ability to walk has come after his ability to recognize a need not to hurl himself from high places, which is a good thing for his continued survival.

Martin is all about the survival skills. He feeds himself, sometimes off his siblings plates if necessary. I strongly suspect that if we were to by some accident leave Martin alone in the house all day we would come home to an ungodly mess, but Martin would be unharmed, and will have managed to keep himself fed all day. Did I mention that he already understands how to use stools to reach stuff?

Martin currently has eight teeth, and he surely knows how to use them. He bites. For some reason he loves to lung at my face and bite my chin. He's got quite a bite. I don't think he's bitten anyone else, but when we go to the park and someone else warns their small child to 'be careful of the baby' in a tone that suggests they are cajoling their offspring to be gentle with the small delicate little creature I generally chime in with, 'Yeah, be careful of the baby, he bites,' in a tone I hope indicates that the baby can take care of himself.

Right now Martin seems to spend a fair amount of time being a little sad that his older siblings don't play with him more. He's old enough to want to play with them, but the 2.5 year age difference between him and Duncan is much more of an obstacle than the 1.5 year age difference between Margaret and Duncan ever was. Martin has learned, though, that if he holds out a long, thing object Duncan will wave another long thin object at him if he's in the right mood. (Note to self: replace broken boffer swords soon.) I am hopeful that in two years the boys will be best buddies and that all three will have common interests and play together often.