November 3rd, 2013


Duncan Update

I haven't had time to post about the kids, and so much has been going on. Rather than try to get everything into one post that I will never finish, I'll try one per kid in alphabetical order...

Duncan continues to be a sweet boy, even though 3 and a half is a difficult age to be. He's mostly delightful, though he can be grumpy when I haven't been as good about making sure my middle child gets enough attention, which is harder to do than I'd imagined it would be.

Duncan has started preschool two days a week at Bedford Montessori, the preschool we sent Margaret to. He hasn't seemed as happy about it as Margaret was, but we just had our first parent-teacher conference with his teachers and he seems to be making really good use of his time there. He's started gravitating towards the math-based toys, which makes us very happy.

Star Wars is a major obsession in our house right now with both the "big" kids, but especially so with Duncan. There are knights with swords, shooting guns, space ships and robots. In short, the only thing the movies lack in terms of pure Duncan movie perfection is horses. Duncan seems a little conflicted as to whether he prefers Anakin or Luke, but if he's playing with Margaret they are totally Luke and Leia, Martin is designated to be R2 (which makes total sense, he short and communicates through odd noises), and I am designated to be Darth Vader. I am all for this as I get to make ominous breathing sounds, plus I totally get to fight with the cool Darth Maul light saber/quarterstaff that I picked up at Target.

Duncan's small stature continues to be a cause of concern. He's growing, but he's hovering between the 3rd and 6th percentiles. We keep taking him in and the answer keeps being that it's not time to use hormones yet, but bring him back in 6 months. I think the thing that really brings home that there really is a problem is comparing how much Martin eats compared to Duncan.

Duncan continues to be too shy for dance lessons, though we are hoping to get him into ballroom next year. In the mean time I've been trying to sign him up for martial arts, but the local place seems to be an odd combination of inept and oversubscribed, which is frustrating.