September 8th, 2012

Mommy Doll

Assorted Updates

My OB called me personally on Monday to ask how things went. We talked about the argument I had with the L&D nurses on arrival, and she agreed that it what happened was not OK given that we'd planned all along for the kids to be there, and she is going to talk to the nursing supervisor about it in an effort to make things better for the next person. My OB did comment that my request to have my other very young kids present was unusual. I guess I hadn't realized just how unusual given that I know of at least one other person who had the two older siblings present at the birth of her third. I guess my granola really is exceptionally crunchy in places.

Reviews on the new sibling are mixed. Margaret is very helpful and loves gently stroking his head. She will briefly hold him for photos, but claims he is too heavy. She has a point there. She says she likes him, but felt compelled to clarify that she didn't love him. That's fine, I told her, it's a good start. I didn't add out loud that I appreciated her honesty, because while Martin is cute I don't expect someone who is not pumped full of hormones to feel too strongly about a nine pound creature who basically just eats and sleeps. Later she did claim to love him so perhaps he is growing on her. On one of the very few occasions that Duncan has deigned to acknowledge the existence of the interloper he has matter of factly stated that he does not like Martin. That clarification was not necessary and you don't need a degree in psychiatry to work out what a very clingy and whiney and constantly wanting to nurse two and a half year old is feeling. I'd been trying to give Duncan extra attention every time I got, but thankfully our pediatrician had the helpful advice of giving him one-on-one time at a predictable time every day, so I'm going to see if having scheduled Mommy-Duncan time helps more than random extra Mommy-Duncan time.

Did I mention that Duncan wants to nurse constantly? Supply does not seem to be an issue, but I have decided that I do not want a 2.5 year old to be getting all his nutrition from breast milk, especially one who has a appointment with an endocrinologist on Tuesday about his short stature. I also have to laugh at the people in the OB department that suggested that Duncan might not like the taste of my new and improved for infants breast milk and might stop nursing on his own. Ha Ha Ha. I have come up with times Duncan is allowed to nurse, and they are plentiful enough that he won't be deprived, but mostly they are after meals that he is required to eat something at. I feel like I have boulders strapped to my chest, but I am truly grateful that I have enough supply for both boys.

Oh, and I should probably note that I have achieved my game goal of three kids. If this were a 10-day assassin game all I'd have to do is avoid getting killed by a random mob before game ends. Of course life is really not like any LARP I know. In real life the game doesn't have a defined ending, and if you finish your game goals you usually find that you have another set, often the logical next step, like raise the three children that you so desperately wanted so that they turn into happy and reasonably successful adults. Yay for game goals.