February 10th, 2012


His Kingdom For a Horse

Duncan is currently obsessed with horses. He has a whole family of horses now. I’m not sure how he decided that the pinto was the Daddy horse and the grey was the Mommy horse, but he is very firm about it. And actually, when I looked at the recite lurking in my purse just now it turns out he is right, the pinto is supposed to be a stallion and the grey a mare. The baby horses are a bit more obvious as those figures are clearly foals. Some of his other horses have riders, and he thinks that’s cool, but he is a bit more interested in the horse than the person with the sword or lance. Perhaps if he continues to be tiny he might have a promising future career as a jockey, though I’d personally prefer he choose a career with a better reward to risk ratio.

Duncan is also very interested in lions. At least 50% of the time it’s his turn to pick a movie he chooses “The Lion King”. He is also the proud owner of a little family of lions and assorted other wild animals. He’s still fond of tigers too (he loves the National Geographic “Tigers in the Snow” video), and he still likes dinosaurs, though he no longer wears the dinosaur coat obsessively. I still haven’t cashed the check Warren’s mother sent to cover a birthday present for him, and honestly I can’t think of anything to get him with it other than more Schleich figures from the toy store. He never looks at anything else these days. Unless I get a better idea soon it just might be more animals. Maybe I’ll throw in an elephant this time. I’m sensing that elephants might be trending soon. Then again, a boy can apparently never have too many horses.