July 12th, 2011


Not Good News

I just got back from my follow up ultrasound.

I had a bad feeling when my least favorite ultrasound person was doing it, and it sort of went downhill from there. The embryo was measuring fine at 7 weeks 5 days, which is where it should be, but she had trouble finding the heartbeat. She did get a measurable heartbeat, but it was way too slow, in the neighborhood of 40 beats a minute. That's not good for an embryo.

I'm probably going to lose this one. I'm going back for another ultrasound in a week. Unless the tech really screwed up the reading, it's likely that there won't be any heartbeat then. If that's the case my most attractive option is a D&E.

To say I am disappointed would be a huge understatement. I'd started to count on this one sticking around, especially with yesterday's epic morning sickness which had me believing that it was another girl. (The old wives say you get more morning sickness with girls, and that fits my two data points.)

I really wanted this baby. I know it's not quite over yet, but I think I hear the fat lady warming up offstage.