April 28th, 2011

Fear Naught

Yes I intend to get up early and watch it

I am not tired of the media coverage. Not one bit. What I am tired of is people either asking me if I was going to get up early and watch the wedding in a way that implied they were trying to get me to admit to something mildly embarrassing (one co worker even equated it with reading trashy romance novels) or just loudly proclaiming that they can't understand why anyone would do such a thing. I consider it an important event and I am going to watch it live. Since I am usually awakened at that hour by a child anyway, it is even most convenient for me to watch it live.

I am going around and questioning the choices of those of you who would rather sleep in, nor do I go around suggesting that those of you who are disinterested are being somewhat shallow. I am not ashamed or embarrassed by my choice to do so. I will not be bullied or badgered into feeling that way just because some other people think all sensible people should feel as they do on the matter.

(And by the way, I do not read romance novels or supermarket tabloids.)