February 1st, 2010


Bring Your Own Stopper

I am at home now, not immediately having a baby, though crampy enough that I will be calling work shortly to say I'm not coming in.

I went into Mt. Auburn last night. I was having contractions at 4 minutes apart, though not for very long. I figured it was better to go in sooner what with this being my second labor after a relatively quick first labor. Apparently I was wrong.

The contractions pretty much went away when I got to the hospital. Actually, the monitors were still picking of contractions, but they'd backed off enough that I no longer noticed them, so obviously things were stalled. I was 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced, and they decided to send me home.

The current working theory is that between the change in environment and being annoyed labor stalled out. First of all there is the flu policy of great stupidity that they are refusing to budge on. Better yet, though, is the no bathtubs thing. Apparently some woman at some other hospital somewhere had some sort of bad outcome that involved people not being able to get her out of the tub and now the department of health is going around to hospitals and telling them they can't use their tubs unless there's three feet of space around them on all sides. They hit Mt. Auburn last week. Last time around I spent something like 95% of my time in labor & delivery in the bathtub, and the difference in comfort level inside and outside the tub is such that I consider giving birth without a bathtub to be crazy talk. Alas, crazy-stupid seems to be an emerging trend.

On a positive note the no bathtub policy may be gotten around. Last night the nurse let me know in nearly so many words that if a patient brought their own stopper for the tub and claimed to be in the shower that she for one would not interfere. In that light getting sent home may be a good thing since we can plan to stop by a store on the way in next time and purchase a rubber stopper, since it would seem that the primary means of tub use prevention was the removal of said stoppers. Oh, and as I understand there is at least one other woman in my circle of friends of friends who is due soon folks might want to let her know to pack a stopper.

It remains to be seen whether I will have the kid today or not. I didn't think I was pissed off enough for it to affect my body, but on the other hand my blood pressure the first time they measured it was 138 over something. Normally I consider 110/70 high for me. The second time they measured it the first number was down in the 120s, but still, high enough for me to be worth mentioning. I am irritated, not to the point of wanting to commit physical mayhem, but perhaps it takes less than I thought to affect my physical reactions.