December 28th, 2009


The Wonderful Holiday Storm

We had some good times over the winter holidays this year.

On Saturday the 19th we went to a dance that was well attended in spite of the threat of lots and lots of snow. As it turned out there was no snow until after the party, though we did see cars getting towed for the snow emergency as we were arriving home. The party itself was nice. We didn’t get much dancing in. In fact, I didn’t get to do any dances without Margaret in my arms, so it wasn’t great from a dancing perspective, but we did see a number of friends from the ballroom community that we haven’t seen in ages, and Margaret was certainly the life of the party.

Sunday we had the previously mentioned foot of snow. Margaret got some playtime in it. It was light and fluffy and easy to shovel, even the plowed stuff I had to move to excavate my car. Basically it was the perfect snow for the holidays.

Monday I dashed out to the mall to pick up the prints from Margaret’s professional photos and did some last minute shopping. Then it was home in time for our Yule celebration. I know a lot of people celebrated the solstice on Sunday night, but since the actual solstice was shortly after noon on Monday we went for Monday night. Stan came over, brought Margaret tribute (one of those cool toys with big wooden on wires that you often see at doctor’s offices and the like), and played Settlers of Catan with us. Settlers is a much better game with three people than it is with two. I surprised myself by making it almost all the way until dawn. I basically gave up at five am, and I hadn’t been trying too hard. I figure staying until dawn on the longest night is better suited to people who are not the primary care givers for a small child.

Tuesday was spent recuperating from Yule and running holiday related errands.

Wednesday was spent on last minute prep before my parents arrived and on delivery of the new sofa for downstairs. Jomkwan’s apartment now has a nice comfy sofa in the front room, suitable for visiting grandparents to relax on. Margaret immediately placed her largest teddy bear on it, followed by Bingo. We know who is important in this household. My parents arrived just in time for me to rush out the door to my OB appointment. The boy is head down and in all respects perfectly normal.

Thursday was spent with Margaret reveling in the glory of having four minions taking turns playing with her. Warren had to work. My original plan was to order takeout from Red Bones for dinner, but they weren’t answering their phone. The fallback plan was even better in my opinion – we met Warren at Mary Chung’s, where they had Peking Duck without us having to order a day in advance. Even my father who hates Chinese food couldn’t complain too much. We got him an order of Mongolian Beef. You have to really work at it to not like beef an and onions cooked together.

Friday was fabulous. We enjoyed what is probably the last Christmas morning where we get to sleep in and opened presents slightly before noon. Dear Leader loved all her loot, though she wasn’t so excited about the new clothes. Jomkwan got her what was probably the biggest and best present: a small kitchen set. The phrase “some assembly required” clearly isn’t an English term that Jomkwan was familiar with before now; she thought the thing came already put together. Luckily Margaret was more than happy to play in the big box while her new toy was assembled. I even got some good loot, namely all of Babylon 5 on DVD, including some stuff I hadn’t seen before. After Warren’s wonderful Christmas dinner we got my parents to play Settlers of Catan with us, and I won! It was an all-around great day.

Saturday we went to the mall to exchange the slippers I’d gotten for my Dad which turned out to be too small. That took a lot less time that I had feared. The rest of the day was spent playing with Margaret. We did Red Bones for dinner and played Settlers of Catan again. The snow had lasted all week, making for a white Christmas as I’d thought, but when I got up in the night I saw that the rain that had started that evening was melting it all away. It seemed to me to be an appropriate signal to the end of the holiday week. My parents left around mid-morning on Sunday and Dear Leader was a bit put out by the loss of her newfound minions for a while. It was sad to see the week end, but after a nap I once again had a cuddly and wonderful toddler to snuggle and play with.