December 2nd, 2009

Dear Leader

My Gaming Group is Awesome

It probably doesn't come as news to you that I have an awesome set of players for my Tuesday night run. They are always fun to play with, etc. What I currently really appreciate, though, is their tolerance for the juggling act of trying to parent and GM at the same time. Normally Warren takes Margaret out shopping with him on Tuesday nights so we can spend most of the time gaming in peace. Last night he was later than usual getting home, and Margaret was cranky, it turns out because she was sick. (That she was sick was not obvious when we started, but it became increasingly apparent as time wore on.) Not only was the group tolerant of the screaming and uncomplaining about being sent home one hour into the session, everyone humored me and joined in a couple of rounds of signing Itsy Bitsy Spider in a vain attempt to placate Dear Leader.