October 18th, 2009

Court Shoes

Waltz for Four

We went to the MIT dance last night, the first time we'd taken Margaret dancing in a couple of months due to scheduling issues and illness. She was a bit uncertain at first, but after a bit she seemed to be reminded of what this all was. Warren and I didn't get to dance much together alone at all, just a few dances at the end after she fell asleep, but we did get to dance with her some. One thing to note is that dancing with a 22 pound toddler on your hip is more difficult when you no longer have a waist. Also, dancing with both a 22 pound toddler on your left hip and a second trimester fetus inside you is a really good way to demonstrate the importance of good technique in ballroom. If your foot alignments are off even the slightest and you aren't rolling all the way through your feet you're going to have issues. Of course, notes on how to waltz of foxtrot while heavily pregnant and carrying a toddler are probably not so useful to most of the population.

On a tangential note, what happened to fall? We headed to dance practice (again, first time in ages) this afternoon, and it was seasonally chilly and raining. By the time we left dim sum after practice is was starting to snow. I know this in New England, and October flurries aren't something to goggle at, but not only is this the second time this week, but the flakes were huge (on that landed on the stroller had to be 1.5 inches in diameter), and it's currently sticking. I thought I was supposed to rake leaves before breaking out the snow shovel. OK, it's not sticking that much, but chances are good I'll need to use the scraper on my car tomorrow morning.