October 10th, 2009

Dear Leader

The Long March

Today Margaret walked all the way to the playground near chenoameg's place from Davis Square. (For childless locals, the playground is almost all the way to the Cedar Street end of the bike path.) This is not what I consider to be a short walk, and not only have I been walking a lot longer than Margaret, but my inseam measurement is longer that Margaret's entire height. Yet another reason in the long list for why it was appropriate to name her after my sister who competes in the 20km race walk. It took us about 70 minutes to walk from in front of Mr. Crepe to the park, but Margaret could probably improve her time a great deal by not stopping to pick up acorns, chase leaves, and greet every puppy we saw. (Apparently if you're a dog you're a puppy no matter how old you are.)

On the way back we had a pleasant stop at chenoameg's for a bathroom break and visit. We saw all the residents, including both puppies. (Apparently if you are a cat you are also a puppy.) One of the puppies is magical and turned itself into a human. It was a lovely visit, and it furthered my plot to expose Margaret to puppies of the feline variety so that she will not be allergic later in life.