June 28th, 2009

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Dear Desperate in Davis Square

Like most women I have become accustomed to the occasional spontaneous expression of desire by certain less inhibited members of the opposite sex while I am out and about alone in public. At least I assume that these occasional happenings are common to most women because last I checked I do not look like a model and I would really hate to think that there is something else about me that brings out this quality in certain men. Normally I don't bother thinking about such things much as it tends to be beneath my notice, but it has been a while since this has happened, largely because I am never out and about alone anymore, I almost always have my baby with me. In point of fact, I had my baby with me today. I will grant you that the presence of a baby does not absolutely guarantee the presence of a man in my life, but it does tend to be a strong indicator of such. While I must say that in a way I appreciate the feedback that I have not yet lost my desirability, I must say that the message loses some of it's impact when one considers that it is coming from someone desperate enough to hit on a woman pushing a baby carriage. And while I realize it's not obvious yet, I happen to be a pregnant woman who pushes a baby carriage, just so you know there was that extra loser factor in the whole incident.