June 8th, 2009

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After the emergency room trip Thursday evening, Margaret seemed better. I plied her with Pedialyte Friday morning, but by afternoon she was demanding formula instead. She seemed chipper and had stopped being lethargic, plus stuff was staying down and she was producing wet diapers again.

On Saturday we had long planned to go to the book party for my doula. She's finished writing the book around the time we hired her, and it just came out a couple of weeks ago. (Its The Doula's Guide to Birth if you're interested; it's a good read.) One of the highlights of the party was going to be a group shot with all the families. Margaret was hungry after a couple of days of not getting much nutrition, so we let her guzzle down 6 ounces of formula and top it off with bacon, her all-time favorite solid food. Then we changed her into her pretty navy blue dress so she's look picture perfect, plunked her in the car seat and drove over to Isis Maternity for the party.

Of course you can guess by now what happened. Just as we were parking she made that retching sound I'd grown so used to, and up came six ounces of partially digested formula speckles with bacon bits. Her dress was well splattered and the car seat was soaked. We went in to the party anyway and had a decent time, but she smelled like curdled formula to me the entire time. I guess the moral of the story is that while stomach bugs usually are over with fast, it's not necessarily the case.

She also threw up on my pillow last night, but that isn't as exciting a story. I think this bug is tough.