April 17th, 2009

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Ma Ma Meh

If you’ve ever seen a discussion of breastfeeding on the internet that included a wide range of people, chances are that you’ve heard the sentiment that once a child is old enough to ask for it they are too old to be breastfed. It used to be that I considered such a sentiment to be the product of a general misplaced embarrassment on the subject and simply dismissed it. These days it is sounding a bit more ominous.

Margaret is still missing nursing a lot. No surprise there since nursing was probably her favorite thing. She has certainly not forgotten about it. Given that I did not follow the popular trend of teaching her a few keys ASL signs I suppose that I could pretend that what is coming out of her mouth is just the random string of phonemes that the casual observer would take it to be. Sure, I could play dumb, and I try to. The problem is that in my heart of hearts I not only know exactly what she wants, but that she is demanding it as clearly as her young vocal apparatus and toothless mouth can manage.

I should probably shut up about this whole thing already. I knew it would be hard, but truly it has exceeded my expectations.