March 14th, 2009


Squeaky Wheel

So, a little over a week ago I said, "Testing will commence as soon as I get my next cycle, which should be next week." Sure enough, it was this week. Tuesday was cycle day one. The blood work was simple and I have the cup and instructions for Warren's bit, it's the sonohystegram that's causing a fair bit of angst.

So I called on Tuesday. First they told me that there were no slots, and they’d put me on the cancellation list. At some point them mention the term HSG. After I hung up it occurred to me that they are perhaps trying to schedule me for the wrong test. What they need is an ultrasound of my uterus to make sure it didn’t get redecorated or whatever. A sonohystegram just fills the uterus with saline and lets you see the shape on ultrasound. An HSG involves radioactive dye and shows the tubes as well. It's also more complicated and fewer places do it since you need a radiology department. My tubes at this point are pretty much a moot issue. They’ve looked good on film twice, but no one is convinced they actually work, and it’s pretty much established that I need IVF to get pregnant, what with needing the maximum dosage of stims and having quality issues and all that. The clinic had said they’d call me back, but they didn't so I called them. About that test, did you say HSG? Yes they said HSG. Can you check that, because I don’t think that’s right. They say they’ll check and call me back by Friday morning at the latest. No call. I called after lunch. No, they can’t fit me in, it’ll have to be next month. Did you check about which test it was? Oh yeah, you were right, it should be a sonohystegram. We still can’t fit you in. All the doctors but one are on vacation next week. I give a short and polite listing of all the reasons why I can not afford to wait a month. Nope, they have nothing. How about other places like X, Y, or Z? Nope, most of their doctors are on vacation next week, it’s private school vacation week. (Around here I get mysteriously cut off and call back.) We can schedule you for next month if you know when your period is likely to come. Sure, I’ll do that. I’m thinking why the heck didn’t they offer to do that on March 4th? It’s not like a regular 28 day +/- a day cycle is a great mystery or something. Sigh. I scheduled the correct(!) test for April 13th.

About 5 minutes after the call ends I have an inspiration and call back. Can you ask about me starting suppression and then having the test done during the suppression cycle. Sure, she’ll do that and the doctor will call me back. Sigh. At that point I wasn't holding out much hope that I'd get a call back, but my doctor is a lot better about calling back than the receptionists. She calls back and says she's going to have the assistant check one more place, and if not they'd find a way to fit me in. Ten minutes after that the assistant called back and asks if I can make 9AM Monday morning. My doctor will come in on her day off to do the test herself. I feel a little bad for my doctor giving up part of her vacation day, but not that bad as it brought a happy end to what was becoming a very upsetting and frustrating episode.