November 23rd, 2008

Summer Hat

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A period* arrive on Friday marking the end of the first cycle of trying for a second baby. If you're wondering why we are trying for a second when our first is still so new that we are occasional startled by the realization that she really did happen, it's because we are sure we want more and medically speaking sooner is much much better for me. We aren't in treatment yet so we doubted it will actually work (note to self: buy lottery ticket so that my chances are literally better at winning the lottery), but if the nigh impossible should happen before we start up the IVF process again I might get to breastfeed a bit longer.

I would say it doesn't hurt to try, and I did do a fairly decent job of not making myself too crazy, but there is always a small hint of dashed hopes with the blood in the toilet. Having Margaret helps a lot.

*I say "a period" rather than "my period" because I clearly came home from the maternity ward with some other woman's cycle. This is why it took me three periods to be sure I was having one. I just hope that some other woman didn't go home with my seven-day-gore-fest-preceded-by-cramps-that-make-active-labor-look-good-by-comparison because I'd have to really hate someone to wish my period on them.