October 13th, 2008

Summer Hat

Dawning realization

It occurred to me today that to the best of my knowledge I am the only member of my group at work with both a child and a spouse who works full time. This realization occurred shortly after my boss asked us all to be in at 8AM tomorrow, meaning I would have to leave home nearly two hours earlier that usual. (I'm sure he would have given us more notice if he'd had any himself.) This means I need to saddle Warren with a probably cranky baby two hours earlier than usual. Neither Warren nor Margaret is a morning person.

If your wondering why I don't just ask Jomkwan to start three hours early, it's because there's this federal regulation about her not working more than ten hours in a day. Sure, in theory if I get into work I should get to leave early, but I would be foolish to count on it, especially considering our current workload.
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