September 22nd, 2008

Summer Hat

Not Bad

My first half day back was pretty darn successful. I was actually surprised at how happy I was to be back when I walked in the building, but it makes sense since I do like my job. It also helped that Margaret was sound asleep when I left the house.

It was a fairly productive day, assuming you have realistic expectations given the corporate environment. I succeeded in getting my LAN ID reset and wading through over half of the 400+ emails sitting in my inbox. In the process I discovered that I am rusty at typing with both hands. Tomorrow I plan to figure out why the new password they gave me for my unix account didn't work and finish the email catch-up. With luck I may be in a position to solve actual IT issues by sometime Wednesday.

There were some hiccups. The main one was that the combination to the lactation room didn't seem to work. My plan B was to use one of the single occupancy handicapped bathrooms, but all the ones on my floor were locked. (I'm pretty sure this is a new development. They weren't occupied, just locked. WTH?) I went with plan C, pump in the car. Not a great solution, but it worked. Tomorrow I'll recheck the combo, try again, and email the person in charge of the rooms if it persists in not working. I have also finally discovered a reason to get a work Blackberry: access to email while pumping so I don't waste the time.

According to my sources Margaret was reluctant to take a bottle, but did eat about 1.5 ounces when she got hungry enough. She did not cry the entire time. I'm sure that having Warren at home helped a lot. Let's hope tomorrow goes at least as well.