July 20th, 2008

Summer Hat

Attack of the Pink

A while back I had a post entitled 'I should listen to my sister' in which I started to discover the truth to her wisdom about my chances of being overwhelmed with wee pink clothes.

Indeed, I now have many tiny pink things in which to dress my sister's new namesake. Warren's mother gave us another five outfits, and while only one of them was pink, they were all pretty tiny. In fact, I had to removed the two footed sleepers from circulation yesterday because little Margaret has grown too long in the leg for them. Then there were my parents... Mom knit my little Margaret a new dress in peach, but that was not the end of it. They had also saved more than a half dozen of the dresses that my sister and I wore as baby girls and brought them up. We now have an selection of vintage baby dresses. I've also gotten baby clothes from a large number of my parent's friends, including a week's worth of Marks & Spencer onesies in the 6-9 month size. Not all of the items are pink, but at least half are.

Yesterday we got another package from Warren's Mom. It wasn't clothes this time. The box declared that it was a "pretty pink girl's bouncer". I had no idea that bouncy seats were a gendered item. Sure enough, it was a very, very pink bouncy chair, with just a dash of lavender and yellow thrown in to break up the three different shades of pink. I like pink. I really do, but even I thought the chair was a bit overkill on the pink.