July 9th, 2008


Three weeks later

It's three weeks after the birth and the body is improving. I made it a couple of blocks past Davis Square and back today without resting at all and without feeling like I'd been hit by a truck, so the stamina is definitely coming back. Of course it helps that I was pushing the stroller. It's actually easier to walk with the stroller. I may be less agile, but pushing the thing is actually less work than carrying my purse, even loaded down with a baby and assorted baby gear. Strollers are great, at least until you get to stairs.

Also in the physical department, the bleeding has almost stopped. They told me in the hospital to expect to bleed for four weeks. Sure enough, after the initial flood of gore it was like day three of my period for a good solid two weeks. It's now down to like day six of my period, meaning I could lose the pad if I didn't mind stains on my underwear. I'm bothering to commit this to electrons only because I really hope to do this again some day, and I understand that being a parent kills your memory. I'd like to have the benefit of past experience next time, so I need to record it. Let's hope there's a next time.

As expected, caring for a newborn is a whole lot of work, even when the newborn in question is relatively mild-mannered and well behaved. So far Margaret only cries when something is bugging her. This is good. I want her to cry when something is bugging her. Sometimes I can't do anything about what is bugging her, which is upsetting for both of us, but I still want to know that something is bugging her. Happily I can fix it most of the time. What makes it hard work is when she does things like lingering over the 2 AM feeding for a hour or more. That's not so pleasant. Still, it's normal and expected new born behaviour, and I can
t exactly throw any stones there being a notoriously slow eater myself.

It was a long road getting here and there is lots of work ahead, but right now I can't think of anything quite as magical as the times when my little girl falls asleep in my arms.