July 4th, 2008


The good, the not so good, and the slightly non-optimal

Firstly, I must apologize for my lack of posting of insanely cute baby pictures, but my beloved G5 decided to up and die on me last weekend. I think there must be some conservation of Karma going on here; things were going far too well in my life. Happily even this tragedy is mitigated by a few factors. Firstly, due to the efforts of my wonderful boss I have a pretty decent laptop at home to use. Not only can I VPN in to work on it, but I can use it to surf the web so that I am not entirely crippled by the loss of the G5. Secondly, my amazingly wonderful husband took said G5 in to get fixed, and contrary to what Apple told me on the phone, I do in fact have Apple Care on it. Of course there is a nasty probability that I will loose tons of data that I was too much of a ninny to ever back up, but happily I have backup of about 90% of the baby pictures, which is clearly the most important data.

I had my two week post-partum visit on Wednesay. Back when I was sure I'd go past my due date this was originally scheduled as my very last pre-natal visit. All is well. I was a bit bemused by the multiple choice form I had to fill out to make sure I wasn't going off the deep end with the baby blues. If anything, I have the baby pinks. All is rosy in the world, tralalalala. The doctor even managed to discuss birth control with me without pissing me off. Of course part of this was the fact that she didn't raise much of a fuss about my birth control plan, which basically involves not doing IVF for six months. I told her about how Warren and I listened to the nurse in the prepared childbirth class tell the cautionary tale of her friend who should have known better who got pregnant with twins three months after giving birth, and how on hearing the punch line we looked at each other and we both said 'that would be cool'. She seemed OK with that, though I expect only because she knew I was also breastfeeding, which is also a form of birth control. I also had a weight check. Not so amazing weight loss secret: it is possible to lose 25 pounds in 15 days... if you give birth the day after the first time you were weighed. That leaves me 8 pounds to go to my retrieval weigh. In less optimal news, I have 33 pounds to go until I get down to my pre-infertility treatment weight. I would dearly like to lose all that before starting up IVF again. This may sound a trifle pointless, but I'm hoping it's not. I'm hoping that the next time around I will be less depressed and therefor less likely to give in to the drug-induced cravings.

The invasion of the relatives is drawing to a close. I appreciate that everyone wanted to come see the brand new family member, but it will be nice to have the house back to ourselves.