June 17th, 2008

Summer Hat


I am currently 38 weeks 6 days pregnant. That much is perfectly clear.

Today did not have the best of starts. I was commuting without twe because I was going to have to leave early for today's OB appointment. It turns out that there was a terrible accident on I-93 right at the exit we use for work that closed the entire road, and we both sat in our separate cars in stop-and-go traffic for over two hours. I started feeling kind of unwell then, but anyone would if they were stuck in that kind of traffic with no water to drink and with a fetus constantly head-butting them in the bladder.

I continued to feel unwell at work and every so slightly crampy. Around noon I noticed a tiny amount of brown staining on my underwear. My opinion was that it could be bloody show, but as such it was completely underwhelming and it could just as likely be that polyp that acted up a couple of months ago.

Since I was feeling so crappy at work I left a generous amount of time to get to my OB appointment. By the time I arrived I was feeling pretty normal again, and by the time I was actually seen there was no sign of the cramping. Nurse Pollyanna was all excited about the possible bloody show, but even she had to concede that it could just as likely be the polyp acting up. On the other hand she did do an internal exam and found that I was "a good fingertip" dilated. Have I mentioned that Pollyanna isn't the most technical person? We proceeded with the non-stress test. Just as I got hooked up the fetus went all quiet on me, probably because it was all tired out from making my morning commute as hellish as possible. They actually gave me juice to perk up the fetus, who instantly resumed normal non-stop activity. There were no cramps during the test, and no sign of anything even remotely resembling a contraction on the graph. I got out of there at around 6:15, went to the store, and prepared for the gamers to arrive.

As my gaming run started I noticed the return of the crampy sensation. After a few iterations I started watching the clock and noticed that it seemed to return about every five minutes, but it was really mild. Around 8:30 I excused myself, let Warren know what was up, and then called the doula and asked her to call back. At around 9:30 I had another hour worth of mild cramps every five minutes. The gamers left and the doula called back. After talking to her I gave in and called adult urgent care. The consensus seems to be that it could be early labor, or it could just be that I am feeling crampy because Pollyanna had her fingers up my you-know-what. Either way everyone thinks I should try to get some sleep, which is what I will do as soon as I hit post.