May 27th, 2008

Summer Hat

Perambulation and Navigation

A week ago I was ready to have this baby even though I know its still too early. There was a head in my ribcage, and that is just not comfortable. My maternity bras no longer fit around my ribs, and given the size of said bras that was just plain dismaying. My ribs ached constantly, my hip hurt, and sleep was very hit or miss thanks to the heartburn. I was not looking forward to another month or more of this.

Something magical happened on Thursday. Our bathtub has not been draining well at all, and so on Thursday I went to the gym for the first time in a few weeks so that I could use the shower there and he would not have to shower while standing ankle deep in cold, dirty water. (My showering at the gym also helps clear up the tub at home because I am without a doubt the main culprit in the clogging issue. Long fine hair that gets into everything and slithers effortlessly past the hair-trap in combination with heavy conditioner usage is a recipe for drain trouble.) So, in spite of feeling like warmed-over crap I headed to the gym to use their shower Thursday morning. Since I was there I had to at least pretend to work out because driving a mile first thing in the morning just to shower seems silly. Calling my time on the treadmill a workout would have been overly generous, but I did walk a mile in 20 minutes according to the nice red display. I had my guilt-free shower, including all the hot water I cared to use and went off to work. Sitting at my computer at work it gradually dawned on my that my bra had not started to irritate me the way it had been doing by lunchtime. Hmm.

A few more trips to the gym and a few more days later and it became increasingly clear that the fetus had shifted somewhat, though it was hard to say how. I'm feeling stuff all over really, and it's hard to distinguish kicks from punches from head-butts. Also, I could still occasionally feel something large and roundish just under the left side of my ribcage. I continued to worry about what position the fetus was in, remembering that when Mom was pregnant with my sister, Margaret was breech until a week before deliver. Mom took a long walk and that is when Margaret turned around. I kept going to the gym hoping that it would help with both drainage and fetal navigation.

Anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that Mom's walking method of turning a breech baby works. I just got back from my latest OB visit, and the little portable sonogram says the fetus is now head down and the round think I now feel under my ribs is a bottom. Yay! I continue to feel much better than last week, so chances are I can go another four or five weeks without completely losing it, which is good because I need to go another four or five weeks.

Oh, and going to the gym while hugely pregnant seems to give you bonus points with the other members, even if you are doing the lamest "workout" ever.