May 12th, 2008

Summer Hat

Productive Weekend

Much was accomplished this weekend, though not necessarily the stuff we had intended. Project Spring Cleaning continues to gain ground, though there is still a long, long way to go. I also got a bunch of knitting done, though sadly getting from the 700 stitches per row to nearly 800 stitches per row on a circular shawl is not nearly as satisfying as it ought to be. At least I am on the last skein of yarn so that I know I have less than 440 yards to go no matter what. We also had a trip to Mary's for dim sum turn into an impromptu furniture browsing trip, as we still need a dresser for the kids room, and maybe some stuff for us. This turned into a discussion of which room to put the baby (and the siblings we desperately hope to eventually generate) in. Warren is looking for thoughts on the subject. I'm mostly just hoping that the fetus isn't doomed to be an only child. The shawl I am desperately trying to finish this week is for my sister, and that really just sums it up.

The one thing that was on the list that we did not accomplish this week was the planned meeting with the doula. Her partner called about 20 minutes before she was due to arrive saying that she was at a birth and had to reschedule. Normally I might have been a bit ticked off due to having gone through the waking-Warren-early-on-a-weekend ritual for nothing, but the whole point of a doula is she is someone who will drop absolutely everything to be with you while you're giving birth, whenever that happens to be. This makes it hard to be upset at last minute cancellations when attending a birth is the excuse, as I am sure hoping she drops everything the minute I call her to say I'm in labor. The closer I get to my due date, the more having someone with a clue who will stay with us through shift changes seems like a wise idea.