April 28th, 2008



I currently have a load of loot in the washing machine. I suppose technically some of it isn't loot, some of it is stuff I made for the baby over three years ago, but there is a good bit of loot. The loot is getting washed with the baby-safe detergent I specifically bought for the purpose last grocery run and have been eager to use ever since. Once the loot is dry I get to sort through it and figure out what loot is getting packed in the bag that goes with me to the hospital.

This is all slightly silly. I don't expect to be heading for the hospital to deliver for another eight weeks and change, or maybe even nine weeks given a family history of tardy births. The cause of such irrational behavior seems to be the nesting instinct. I was cleaning the house and knitting all weekend. All in all it's probably a good thing it kicked in so early; the house needs a lot of cleaning.

We're in pretty good shape in terms of baby items. In spite of the persistent attempts of the London office to thwart twe's plans, there was a lovely baby shower for me this past weekend and I got loads of useful stuff. (Note to London office: never try to thwart twe, it does not work so well and she will rightfully mock your foolishness for trying.) The crib allegedly shipped Saturday and I ordered the car seat & stroller today, along with the breast pump. I don't think I'm missing anything essential. We still need to buy a dresser with a changing table top, but I consider that to be more in the useful category rather than essential. It looks like I get get to spend the next two months packing and repacking that hospital bag, and setting up the nursery. Having all that cute loot is a major and much-needed incentive to clean.