February 25th, 2008


Don't Panic

When last we left this blog I was feeling pretty good about having just gotten back to the gym and all that. I was thinking smug thoughts like, "Hey, I might be terrible at conception, but I seem to have this gestation thing down." And so I posted. A little while later I went to the bathroom. Cue the dramatic music...

There it was, a brown spot on my underwear about the size of a quarter. You don't need to be a detective to figure out where it came from. There was nothing when I wiped that time, but there was a little brown on the next time I wiped. For those of you who have not spent the last four years learning about all the things that can go wrong in conception and pregnancy, blood (even the older brown stuff) showing up during pregnancy is considered Not Good. Of course this was Sunday evening, so there was no point calling anyone just then unless I wanted to go to a hospital emergency room, which my logical side realized was probably a waste of time.

I called my doctor's office early this morning. I had gone over the script in my head before placing the call in an effort not to sound like a panicking lunatic. As it turned out I did not need most of my script. Once I said the magic word spotting I was told that someone would be calling me back soon. Sure enough I got a call back maybe ten minutes later from a nurse. She asked a few basic questions, but I didn't need my script with her either. She wanted to talk to the doctor. She called back in under five minutes saying that they wanted me to come in today, they had an opening at 4:45 in Watertown. The needed to check this out, and at the very least give me a Rhogram shot because of my blood type.

I should point out that it is an indication that deep down I was feeling really panicky and worried about losing the fetus altogether that I forgot about my blood type until the nurse mentioned it.. Usually the fact that I am rh-negative and the fetus is probably rh-positive is one of those little complications that I keep in mind. I was expecting to get Rhogram at 28 weeks to avoid building up any antibodies, but obviously if I was bleeding at all I would need it sooner. Like now.

I knew getting to Watertown was going to be a pain, but at least everyone I talked to at he doctor's office was making me feel like I was not overreacting. I was also much happier about going after my next trip to the bathroom when I noticed more spotting. Once I got to Watertown I was probably looking a little the worse for the wear. I-93 is even worse at 4pm than at 6pm, and my knowledge of roads on the Watertown side of the river is pretty terrible. It was not a fun ride. Happily everyone in the Watertown office was very nice. It was as if they were all psychic and knew that I needed reassurance that I was not over-reacting, but I also needed them to be calm about the situation. The doctor won extra bonus points for obviously having spent some time reading my file; he listed my low placenta and the vanishing twin as possible sources of the blood. He wanted to see my cervix, and he wanted the nurse to give me the shot no matter what, which he know I would not mind after all I'd been through to get this baby. Good doctor.

The happy ending is that after just a brief look at my cervix and a quick application of a long Q-tip he had found the likely culprit. It was just a polyp on my cervix. Nothing harmful about it other than the fact that it can bleed and cause me to freak out. My cervix is closed, and all I need do is mention this episode and the fact that I got the shot early at my next regular visit. I am much relieved and back to thinking that maybe my body is doing OK with the gestating part of procreation.