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I'm too lazy right now to write a real post.

Eight days ago in addition to getting an ultrasound picture of the 2mm fetal pole we also got professional pictures taken of Margaret and Duncan. We went to the Sears in the Galleria this time, and it was a reasonable experience.

Margaret hugging Duncan usually looks much more like a choke-hold than this:


Margaret was very cooperative, though this lead to some shots of her looking concerned as she tried to get her brother to cooperate.


After the first few shots Duncan got very clingy.


We eventually got shots of him alone by getting him to take flowers from the basket Margaret had on one side of the background to me on the other side.


Did I mention that Margaret was extremely cooperative?



I love my babies.


You can find the whole set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/89301260@N00/sets/72157626954199351/

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