August 22nd, 2007

Summer Hat

... and in her spare time she might save the world once or twice

I had a chat with Margaret today. The usualy catching up (Kaden is standing now, not bad for a seven month old), and some more about the possible plan for her to donate eggs should IVFs numbers four and five prove as fruitless as one, two and three. A slight extra timing constraint has been introduced.

Margaret has started training again, with the plan to go to Olympic trials in 2008. This means that come April she can't be taking any drugs at all. Now, I may not have an advanced medical degree, but I'm pretty sure that none of the drugs involved in IVF can be considered performance enhancers in the athletic sense. In fact, my experience would indicate that they tend to cramp your style. But of course due to a few bad apples, the Olympic folks are so over-the-top paranoid about doping that Margaret won't even touch asperin when she's in training. So there you have it, there will be a brief window of opportunity between January and April if we decide to do this, and then not again until after summer.

Acutally, given Olympic trials plan I might be inclined to wait anyway if we end up going that route. They only send one female race walker to the Olympics each time it rolls around. Margaret was in the top five before she had Kaden, and female race walkers tend to actually impove once they've popped out a kid. While she protests that I've waited long enough and she doesn't want to make me wait any longer, Bejing might be her last chance at the Olympics and I surely do not want her to miss her dream because she was helping mine come true. Sure, its been a long time for me, but Margaret has been training for the Olympics even longer than I've been trying to have a baby.

On the other hand, maybe she can do it all. People are constantly underestimating Margaret, as I keep saying. I'll guess we'll see what happens with #4 & #5 before seeing if my angst about it is necessary.