May 22nd, 2007

Summer Hat

Good and less good

Good thing: Being married to psychohist for seven years as of yesterday.
Less good: Three years of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. We wanted to wait a few years to get the marriage as right as we could before kids arrived on the scene, but really, seven years is a tad excessive for that.
Good thing: Anniversary cake from Rosies
Less good: They haven't made the lemon poppy seed that we had for our actual wedding cake for a few years and I'm still pouting about having to settle for our second choice for the anniversary cake.
Good thing: Well into supression cycle for IVF #3
Less good: Even though the nurse says there is nothing in the test results that should prevent approval, we still don't have official approval yet, and I'm supposed to start lupron on Friday.
Good thing: My immune system still seems to be fighting off Warren's cold, though I'm probably jinxing myself for typing that.
Less good: He's been sick for four full weeks now with a cough that makes it sound like all his internal organs are coming up and a sore throat that means that we play Warcraft just to make it easier to type at each other so he doesn't have to talk.