April 9th, 2007


Body By Follistim, Part 2

After I posted Body By Follistim part 1 I realized why I was so bothered by the way IVF interferes with my exercise routine and why I spend so much time complaining about it. I think that part deserved its own entry, though it wasn't what I had originally intended to write about next.

You see, I've been aware for a couple of years that I really need to exercise. Not in the get-off-your-fat-backside-now sense. Sure, exercise is good for my body. I know that. Everyone knows that if they've been paying any attention. For me, though, its more than the size of my waist that is at issue. I've noticed that there is a correlation between the amount of exercise I get and my mood. The times in my life when I've felt relatively down have all been times when I was not getting good regular exercise. Its not that I love going to the gym so much. I mean, if there were no health and wellness consequences to the decision I'd probably choose to play Warcraft instead of going to the gym. I just don't like feeling down and gloomy, so I go to the gym. I'm sure I could get the same effect from some sort of SSRI, but I really prefer paying the gym membership to popping pills.

Imagine if you will the joy of going through a fussy medical process, including giving yourself shots twice a day within a set time window, plus the huge uncertainty of whether or not it will work. Add to that the general frustration of having been thwarted in achieving you major life goal for the past three years. Oh don't forget the biological clock, ticking away like the bomb in some stupid action thriller. Then add to the mix some major complications with using one of your major coping tools, the thing that you need to do to not feel blue under normal circumstances. This is a sure recipe for much whining.

Next cycle I should probably make a better effort to go to the gym after work on those days where I have early morning doctors appointments, much as I hate exercising after work and dealing with the Porter Square parking lot at that hour. That still leaves me perplexed as to what to do about the lupron headache that makes me puke, and there is nothing to be done about the post-transfer exercise prohibition. I'm not sure how much better I can do on the exercise front next cycle. I'm worried that the answer may be 'not much'.