March 16th, 2007



Today's number is 6.

So, I'm less pregnant than I was on Tuesday, but still not in the negative test result range. They wanted me to go again and get tested on Monday, but that is right out as I have orientation for my new job at 8:15am on Monday. Given that I can't get a blood test any earlier than 8am and given that I want to leave at least half an hour for transit time, there was just no way that was happening. Happily the nurses say that testing on Tuesday will be fine.

I'm not sure how rapidly my hCG level is supposed to be dropping. I suspect it ought to have gone down faster than it has, but I'm not really sure. The nurse said that they wanted to follow this 'all the way down'. I'm not sure whether that means to less than 5 or to 0. I'm hoping they mean less than 5 because otherwise that could be a lot of tests. Of course the reason they want to keep testing is that it could be ectopic. An ectopic that doesn't go away is potentially deadly for me, and could get them sued if they don't treat it properly, so their paranoia about the testing is justified.

Today was also my last day at my old job. I hate that I have to leave a job that I liked with people I liked for such a stupid reason. Sadly, the people who make decisions about health plans are so high up in the hierarchy that they weren't even in my company proper but the company that owns it. I guess they figured that no one would quit over IVF coverage and now my old coworkers have to deal with the consequences of the higher ups being wrong about that. The whole thing has led me to the conclusion that this system of our employers choosing health coverage for us is a poor idea.