March 12th, 2007


Tomorrow is Test Day

Tomorrow will be two weeks from retrieval and the day I was told to go in for the traditional pregnancy test. I should have the results tomorrow afternoon.

The two week wait has been pretty normal. Symptoms-wise the big difference from last time is that this time the constipation has lasted the entire two weeks instead of going away after a week. Annoying as this is, I find it comforting. As long as the system is moving reluctantly I know that I am getting enough progesterone. The other difference is that there has been no spotting towards the end (at least not yet), but that might just be a timing difference. We deliberately waited longer to test last time, and the spotting was probably just my period trying to get through in spite of the shots. One way or another I will know tomorrow, and I can quit trying to talk myself out of reading the tea leaves. The only thing I can know now is that we did a good job of giving those embryos a chance, the rest is up to them.

I'm pondering whether I should cancel my gaming run tomorrow. Just because I'm trying to be realistic about my chances doesn't mean I won't be devestated if tomorrow's result is negative. If its good news, than being a gamesmaster is not a problem. If its bad news, I'm not sure I want to cope. If I get a negative tomorrow I might be in the kind of mood where its tempting to say "an asteroid has just hit your city, you're all dead, and before you bring it up, the asteroid was made of eog." I don't know... I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.