January 30th, 2007

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Pondering Sock Yarn

In my last yarn order I purchased a pattern for a baby sweater made out of sock yarn that I intend to knit for Kaden. Yes, I know I could have gotten a similar pattern free from Knitty, that's where I first saw the idea. I wanted to do this out of the fancy sock yarns that do the faux fair isle thing, and when I found a striping pattern I like I ended up buying the pattern that called for that specific brand of yarn.

The yarn I'm using is Sockotta. I've barely started and I'm not so happy, though perhaps its because I'm spoiled. First of all, the yarn isn't as soft as Shepard Sock, a fact that I find mildly surprising given the fiber content. I also found out partway through, that unlike the Shepard Sock, the Sockotta does not start each skein at the same place in the pattern. I suppose it is understandably given that the Sockotta has a more complicated and much longer period pattern, but it was still a bit irritating when I discvered this a few rows in and ended up ripping out and then discarding a sizable number of yards of yarn from one of the balls. (I was starting by knitting both sleeves at the same time from seperate balls so that they would match.)

I intend to finish this project with the yarn purchased, but given that I hope to have little ones of my own to knit for in the future I'm pondering better yarn choices. I love the idea of the baby sweater done is striping sock yarn, I'm just less than thrilled with the Sockotta. The lack of softness is the main issue with the Sockotta; the non-matching skein start is an issue that I can deal with now that I am forwarned, it was just annoying at the time because I hate ripping stuff out. Since I purchase most of my yarn online these days I lack the ability to touch before I buy. Do any of my sock knitting friends have suggestions? I'm pondering trying Regia Silk or regular Regia. I could also use the Shepard Sock since that is a known quanity to me and I like it. The patterns would not be a cool since its just regular varigation, but I could get into doing a baby sweater in the camouflage color scheme.