December 13th, 2006

Summer Hat

Psychological Warfare

I'm not talking about psychohist taking the time last night to show mjperson the needle for the progesterone in oil, though I'm sure that was amusing. Its more about the psychological warfare that I perpetrate on myself during the two week wait. If only the CIA could find some way to hire just my subconcious the would have no problem getting those 'enemy combatants' to crack.

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I am still rooting very, very hard for my embryos. On the other hand, I am asking myself morbid questions too, like 'have I managed to kill them yet?' I sure hope not. Stay strong little embryos. I know you have been taken from your nice clean dish and relocated to the war zone that is my uterus, but if you survive I will buy you toys. Lots and lots of toys. Very expensive toys. Please hang in there.