October 24th, 2006

Summer Hat

The Dream

A few of my co-workers know about the whole infertility thing. Just a very small select few. I just don't feel like being coy about it.

Today one of these select few came to me today and told me that he had an odd dream about me over the weekend. He dreamed that the whole IVF thing worked and that I was as heavily pregnant as another coworker currently is, i.e. huge belly and waddle walk, looks like labor could come any minute. In fact he dreamed that I was in our rather narrow kitchen in such a state during the early morning caffine rush getting my tea and causing 'a serious hazard to navigation', and also causing some random other co-worker to remark upon my departure 'god is that woman pregnant.' You'd better believe that I'm hoping the coworker who dreamed this is a prophet.