September 5th, 2006

Summer Hat

Its been an interesting morning

One of the good things about doing a cycle with my fertility clinic is that my lack of being pregnant is never broken to my by the blood in the toilet. You always get a pregnacy test done at the lab, which is just a definative but not as viscerally depressing. Sure, a negative is still depressing, but its not as bad when it comes from the lab. I think that I just get perked up by going it to be tested because it means that someone thinks I have enough of a chance to have ordered a blood test to check.

The problem with this morning, though, is I found out that they forgot. Julie, the good nurse, had been out on vaction, and Pam, who almost didn't let me do a cycle told me to get tested two weeks after my trigger, but then forgot to order the test. Somehow I am not surprised. The local office had to call them and then wait around for the order to go through. Hopefully I can still get results by the end of the day.

There was some weird good karma around the whole event, though, that made me more cheerful. I had only put one quarter in the meter expecting to be in there at most 20 minutes. After half an hour of waiting I went out to feed the meter some more, only to discover that someone had apparently just put two quarters in my meter. I'm not sure if someone was being deliberatly nice, or if it was a case of meter confusion. Just to be safe I put money in the meter for the car in front of me before I left, in case that guy had fed my meter by mistake. He was running low, so I hope I save him from a ticket.

Speaking of cars, the saga of the windshield wipers continues. They stopped working again on the drive to the dance on Saturday night. I called for an appointment this morning. (The service center is closed on weekends.) It was not a good call. It was one of those calls where I stop talking for a minute because I am that miffed. I could tell you about it, but its best summed up in Collapse )

Update: Complaint email seems to have been a winner. I got a response that said basically that they realized that the wipers were important, they'd just been really busy, apologizing for not fixing it the first time, and asking if I can bring the car in tomorrow morning. The down side is they say I should expect to be carless for half a day. I'm going to bring it in, though, because its supposed to rain tomorrow.