June 13th, 2006


More gardening, slightly less neglect

I purchased roundup, white clover seed, and two bags of mulch at Pemberton Farms last night. I have already sprayed a great many of the things growing in the cracks in the driveway with the stuff to see if its as lethal as advertised. I carefully avoided the bleeding hearts that were blooming in a couple of spots in said cracks, because bleeding hearts are free to seed themselves anywhere they like in my yard.

The clover seed is for nefarious purposes. I shall not mention them, save to point out that we have a front lawn that is currently half bare from where the city dug it up over the winter and half in need of serious mowing. It was always raining when I had time recently. Does anyone know where I can rent a sheep or a goat for a day?

The mulch is for weed suppression and moisture retention in the back. I used to buy all my mulch at the Home Depot. This is the first time I got it from Pemberton, and I am now wondering why I ever bothered to trek over to Home Depot for the stuff. No more of that. I discovered that at Pemberton you do not have to drag the huge bags of mulch around with you in a cart, you can just tell them at the register that you want two bags of mulch. You then pick up your mulch from the stacks near the parking lot and load it into your car, and no one even bothers to check and make sure that you paid for the stuff. I find this a nice contrast to the Home Depot system of having a guy check your receipt against the contents of your cart ten feet beyond the register. I'm guessing Pemberton figures their customers are above stealing a $5 bag of mulch. No more Home Depot for me.